Key Moments in Slot History from the Beginning to Nowadays.

Nowadays we are surrounded by slot machines. They are called also fruit machines and poker machines. New slot games are attractive, bright and blinking but first slot machine appeared in 1891 it didn't have prize but the award was presented as free drinks. The real inventor of slot machine is considered to be Charles Fey. He created the first slot called Liberty Bell and after replacement it to Las Vegas's hotel Flamingo Hilton it became very popular.

Key moments in the history of slot machines

Slot history is rather curious. The first slot machine was alike from modern ones. First of all it was very heave as it was made from iron. Its symbols were presented by playing cards, stars, horseshoes, spades, diamonds and of course Liberty Bell itself. This slot machine is situated now in the Liberty Belle Saloon in Reno's restaurant where Charles Rey's grandchildren are the owners.

Charles Fey's innovation

Later Charles fey made slot machine called the Operator Bell. He added famous fruit symbols to this variant of slot machine. Charles Fey also headed the company Bell-Fruit Gum. From that moment the popularity began to rise as well as the antigambling movement. But this is another story.

The anti-gambling movement

In 1909 slot machines received status illegal in San Francisco than in Nevada and California. By 1930's anti-gambling movement became popular politic among legal authorities. But that could be a slight pause in the powerful development of slot machines.

Further development of slot machines

One more curious fact concerning slot history is that prominent crime figure "Bugsy" Siegel promoted the increasing of popularity of slots. He settled several slot machines into his hotel and some casinos. His aim was to entertain girlfriends and wives of "big bosses" while they were having appointments. But this grew into a serious business.

By 1960's electronic slot machines appeared and brought with them bright animation, interesting special effects and sounds. The latest history of slots games shows that there could be endless variety of slot machines with various symbols, bonuses and other opportunities.