From Classic Slots to Modern Jackpot Slots Games.

Thanks to the great technical progress and modern possibilities the most played game slots is available 24 hours 7 days a week in the office, home and even in mobile phones. The choice of slots impresses by its variety and quantity. Different slot machines propose different opportunities, jackpots, bonuses and of course themes.

Types of slots

As it has been mentioned before the variations of slots is tremendous. Each of them is unique, interesting and exciting. The main difference lies in the quantity of reels bonuses and slot symbols. Reels may count from 3 to 21, but they occur seldom.

3-reeld slots

3-reeld slots appeared the first in 1800's and became extremely popular at once. Charles Fey was its inventor. They had fruit and number symbols, one pay line in the middle. This classical type is still popular nowadays and is situated in every land-based and online casino. However classic slots still attract millions of gamblers.

5-reeld slots

Some period of time later observing the huge popularity of 3-reeld slot machines it has been decided to create 5-reeld slot machine to diversify the slot games. As it appeared more profitable for the gamblers this type became even more popular in comparison with its predecessor. There are many pay lines and some games propose over 100 ways to hit a jackpot in each spin. In addition 5-reeld slot machines have fantastic bonuses, attractive symbols that satisfier any taste.

Jackpot slots game

If you are aiming to receive really large amount of money you are to choose jackpot slots game. This type of slot games as well as progressive slots gives opportunity to win even million dollars. There are several levels which increase the winning chances very much. For example Mega Moolah slot game has four jackpots in the different levels within one game.

The description of slot games may by endless but it is always better to try it yourself.