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Royal Feast

Royal Feast has this brilliant feature-you can win 5 spins for absolutely free-and this happens when you get 2 or more crowns on the screen. The previous wins are still considered as you use the free spins which you have been awarded. In addition that, you must definitely go for trying the very new and unique 'gamble' feature which has been incorporated only so that your game becomes much more enthralling-and you enjoy your playing time to the hilt!


So you might be wondering what's special and different about the Cats slot machine. Well, you will notice, as you try out this, a plethora of beautiful and royal panthers, cats, lions, tigers, etc. Every symbol which depicts a cat or two cats is called a 'cat symbol'-with the two cat symbol being more beneficial since it is considered to have value equal to two symbols with single cats.

However, the cats symbols are actually just like the wild symbol and it can be considered as any other symbol (leaving out the diamond paws). And when Lady Luck favors you and you achieve 5 cats' symbols, an award of 10,000 credits is given to you!

Reel Gems

Reel Gems has a large array of beaming sapphires and sparkling diamonds-combined with some characters. One feature of the Reel Gems that no player should ever miss is the 'Respin' feature. Why this is an amazing feature is because there are times when you just miss the prize-so you are awarded a huge number of free spins so that you can try your luck again and hit a winning combination.

Robin Hood

When you see the "Robin Hood" symbol-then know that this is also one of the wild symbols, but the difference here is that it is a stacked symbol; meaning that with stacked symbols it's a lot easy to get a winning combination. The other difference that you will immediately notice is that you will see there are no pay lines!-Well, winning Robin Hood has 243 ways! And can you guess what the top prize is? It's a whopping 1,215,000 coins!!