Progressive Slot Jackpots: Tips and Types

When it comes to slots jackpots, the final and the ultimate thing is the progressive slot jackpots-which is what everybody dreams about. There are 'tickers' during the play through which you can actually see a glimpse of what you would win if you hit a win during that very second.

The jackpot expands as players keep on playing, since at each step a fraction of the coins bet by a player is added to the jackpot. But what is the rule to winning? Well, there's only one rule-you have to bet the maximum coins on each spin if you have to be selected for the jackpot prize. And what happens when you don't bet the maximum coins but instead go for lesser number of coins? You contribute-but as far as your winning is concerned, you have no chance at all. This is why it is always suggested very strongly that you MUST bet the maximum coins-as much as you can.

A slot player always dreams of getting the jackpot once! So do you know what are the chances that you will ever get a jackpot-one can only say that it's far more likely that you will win the jackpot, than it is likely that you will win the million dollar lottery? Players have won millions-the next player could be you or somebody else, but quite obviously, if you don't play, forget about winning.

Players don't usually plunge into a progressive jackpot will all their self-earned money, it's always good to use the profit you have earned after playing other games and then go for the progressive using this money. Who knows when the stroke of luck happens!

Types of Progressive Slots

Progressive games are also of the various types. You should know the difference between each of them so that you appropriately choose.

  • Individual Progressives These kinds of progressives have no link or any sort of association with other machines, one jackpot keeps on building with players putting in money, and the game proceeds
  • Linked Progressives When you electronically link machines, and the jackpot takes in a contribution from each of these machines, then it's called a link progressive.
  • Multi-Location Progressives This is the king of progressives-where the 'linked progressives' at different places are in turn linked together, to culminate into a larger structure of linked progressives, and a extremely colossal jackpot!
  • Often the most frequently asked question is how much should you go on while playing a progressive slot? Well, you should set limits for yourself-both on the time that you are ready to give, and the maximum amount of money that you are ready to spend. For transactions, you can always see Moneybookers.