Responsible Gaming

Gambling should be a form of entertainment, and takes responsible gambling seriously and is committed to a firm policy of responsible gambling. While gambling is enjoyed by many millions of people around the world, for a small percentage of those people it can become problematic, and excessive gambling can cause many issues.

You should consider avoiding gambling if you feel that it is encroaching into your everyday life and is interfering with work or studies, or if you feel that you are losing control of your gambling habits. There are ways in which can assist in the controlling of your gambling, and you may at any time contact customer support to have your account closed permanently and for all promotional correspondence to cease. You may also place depositing limits onto your account, setting weekly or monthly maximums that you may deposit.

If your gambling continues to be a problem then it is suggested that you seek professional help through organizations such as Gamblers Anonymous who have over the years assisted thousands of people with the same issue. The National Council on Problem Gambling will also be able to assist, however it’s reminded that the decision to stop gambling or to seek assistance should you believe your gambling is a problem is ultimately your choice. also implements an underage gambling policy and although people of all ages may play for free, for real money gaming the age limit is set at 21. If you believe that a minor has access to your computer and may gamble then it’s strongly recommended that you install child protection software and keep your password safe. At anytime that believes a player to be under the legal gambling age then the account will be suspended and placed under investigation until proof of age and identification is provided.