Boss Media

Boss Media is one of the leading soft providers for casinos: a lot of online casino sites use their software because Boss Media is the company which you can trust and rely on. Its products are reliable and solid, and their services are provided by real professionals.

Way to Success

Boss Media has a long way to success: it produced software both for private and state companies and always tried to do its best in order to deserve the trust of its customers. Over a decade this provider made systems and games of high quality, interesting design and wonderful entertainment. The main objective of Boss Media was always a client, each one in particular.

Boss Media was among the very first software providers which began to operate its own Internet portal. Today it is a private company which works by its own and provides the best to its clients.


Boss Media is always ready to supply a big variety of casino games to you: slots, poker, flash poker, roulette, blackjack and others. What they pay their main attention to is the following aspects:

  • Technical support
  • Payment system
  • Customer support
  • Surveillance
  • Game system
  • Management